A trip to the Dentist- Beer Chronicles Part 7

I went to the dentist with Eleanor in Chinese New Year, and then I chickened out and said I would go back after the holiday. Little did I know that would be 3 months later.

On arrival, before even setting foot in the reception area, I was met by a receptionist in full PPE gear, she took my temperature 36.4 degrees Celsius just in case anyone was wondering, she checked my green QR code and then fitted me with a pair of ill fitting disposable gloves. As soon as I got into the building, I saw that none of the other patients had kept their gloves on. The reason obvious – you couldn’t work your mobile phone!

In the chair, the dental nurse put blue tape over all the buttons on various consoles that the dentist may use.

I do need work done, the details of which I will not bore you with. But the only work that is prohibited is tooth cleaning. Though I was told it was a grey area, it seems as though it is whether I am deemed safe and low risk as to whether the dentist is comfortable with cleaning my teeth. Since I have had this dentist for at least 3 years, he knows me and he has agreed to clean my teeth plus do my treatment. It will take an hour. So I have put my lunch ahead of teeth and have gone for a Mother’s Day lunch and then I will return at 6pm. As I left the dentist, my gloves were removed by the lady who had greeted me outside the building and she squirted hand sanitiser on my de-gloved hands. At 6pm tonight at least I am prepared for what I will face.