Mandarin is logical 28 August 2014

Well at some point I had to tackle the issue of where I call home. When I collected Eleanor from school I initially said let’s go up to the flat/apartment. Now I say, “let’s go home”. We are now entering our fourth week and we have fallen into some kind of routine. Today my Mandarin teacher asked if I was English…. well now… talk about a can of worms. Those of you who know me well enough understand my protestations of being called English. Today I succumbed. When I explained that I am Northern Irish, there was an intake of … Continue reading Mandarin is logical 28 August 2014

Foreign ID holders only 24 August 2014

Hi readers…  This is just a reminder that these are repeat blogs… sadly the provider I used in our first year is no longer a website, so in order to keep an online record of the early days in China I am publishing the old ones again. In bold are the additions or things I have noticed second time around!  “Foreign ID Holders” was what the sign said as we entered Dushu Lake Church. A Church that would not be out of place in any western city or town. A red brick building with a spire that can be seen … Continue reading Foreign ID holders only 24 August 2014