Xiamen and women

This is the first part of the holiday outside of Suzhou. Apart from an overnight stay in Disneyland Shanghai on 29 December 2021, this is the first trip outside Suzhou since venturing to Beijing at the start of October 2021. Since falling of the horse at the end of June, I have finally got my mobility back and the ability to lie on my back at night. I have faded bruises on my backside and the swelling the size of an apricot now – it has decreased in size – a lot! As soon as I fell and landed up … Continue reading Xiamen and women

A chip

May 2020 I entitled a blog “a trip to the dentist”. It was a blog written under Covid times, and while 2 years later we have moved on in time we haven’t moved on that much. May 2020 was not the last time I visited the dentist, but my 6 monthly visit has been delayed by 4 months due to lockdowns and the last place that I wanted to visit when out of lockdown was the dentist. But falling off the horse gave me not only one heck of a bruise on my backside, but also a chipped top left … Continue reading A chip

Resilience – part 2

2022 started with so much promise. We dared to dream that we might get home for Summer. The Winter Olympics were on their way, we were heading to Naked Water #stillinsuzhou for Chinese New Year. We had had a boarding Chinese New Year dinner – albeit at school, but when there is a budget for a buffet, our caterers can provide. The students were amazed and grateful and for the staff – time to let hair down. In boarding many of the students chose to do door signs for luck to bring in the Chinese New Year and I was … Continue reading Resilience – part 2

Sun, sea, mountains, karsts, and rice terraces

That was the summer of 2021. A summer where we were living in a closed country but we were free to travel around. This was the title of the blog that I thought I would write, but clearly didn’t. So as Summer 2022 is about to kick off, time to sit back and catch up on some memories of summer 2021. The summer started with a trip to Naked Castle . A mountain retreat – where no one is naked- it is just about getting back to nature, and for us as a family to connect with each other and … Continue reading Sun, sea, mountains, karsts, and rice terraces

The Beer Chronicles – an update of the academic year 2020-21

Last week was the first time I had blogged since we returned to school in May 2020. To put it mildly a lot has happened, globally and personally. A statement that everyone can identify with I am sure. The new job title of Head of Boarding, saw a move into a new apartment in boarding. A move actually that we were always going to make as the residents of that apartment were retiring back to their home country. The move however wasn’t smooth, like any move to a new house you have to wait until the people in the house … Continue reading The Beer Chronicles – an update of the academic year 2020-21