Partial shutdown and Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 was spent at the foot of the Sequoia National Park in California, just a couple of hours drive from Los Angeles. We got in to see the General Sherman Tree, passing snow on the road. The tree is a giant sequoia tree and while not the tallest or the widest, but no other tree surpasses this tree’s combined weight (1,285 metric tons) and height. Its circumference measures 31-metres, and is 84 metres tall. You get a crick in your neck just looking at it (the information point said that it is like a mouse looking up at a … Continue reading Partial shutdown and Christmas 2018

Studying once more

How has a year nearly passed? There has much that has happened that did not get a blog post. Why? Because I have had fingers in too many pies. I have been juggling a lot of balls, and keeping up with the blog was not high on my priority list. 2020 – must do better. 2019 was the year that I decided once and for all to make myself a qualified teacher. Not qualified in the eyes of the UK, but I have successfully completed my distance Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). I started it in January 2019 and … Continue reading Studying once more