Partial shutdown and Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 was spent at the foot of the Sequoia National Park in California, just a couple of hours drive from Los Angeles. We got in to see the General Sherman Tree, passing snow on the road. The tree is a giant sequoia tree and while not the tallest or the widest, but no other tree surpasses this tree’s combined weight (1,285 metric tons) and height. Its circumference measures 31-metres, and is 84 metres tall. You get a crick in your neck just looking at it (the information point said that it is like a mouse looking up at a … Continue reading Partial shutdown and Christmas 2018

Studying once more

How has a year nearly passed? There has much that has happened that did not get a blog post. Why? Because I have had fingers in too many pies. I have been juggling a lot of balls, and keeping up with the blog was not high on my priority list. 2020 – must do better. 2019 was the year that I decided once and for all to make myself a qualified teacher. Not qualified in the eyes of the UK, but I have successfully completed my distance Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). I started it in January 2019 and … Continue reading Studying once more

Seeing Sport

In 2018 the Suzhou Olympic Sports Stadium opened about 5 minutes from school. Direct on the Number 7 bus, and bus 136 and 207 from school. ┬áIt boasts a shopping centre (where we now visit routinely for food), a Holiday Inn Express, a swimming pool, football pitch, a climbing wall, 4 squash courts, multiple pool tables, table tennis rooms, cinema and an indoor arena and badminton and basketball courts and probably a lot more than this too. Shortly after it opened, the indoor arena turned into a sheet of ice and hosted the first leg of the 2018-2019 Curling World … Continue reading Seeing Sport

Towering Taipei

A long weekend in November saw us make the most of it, of course! Our local airport, Wuxi flies to Taipei and as we went to an island for Golden Week we thought we would collect another island, and of course at least another Starbucks mug. We know a few people who are from Taiwan and so armed with their list of must sees we started in earnest. We flew on the Thursday night after our professional development day and arrived late into Taipei. As we were sitting on the runway in Wuxi, we did have a minor panic as … Continue reading Towering Taipei

An Island of Gambling

Apologies for the delay in recent blogs. I have been a tad busy. And also I didn’t want to blog anything new that would get lost amidst the 2014-15 blogs. Golden Week in October is sorted for 2019. Eleanor and I have tickets to go with my parents to see Japan v Ireland in the Rugby World Cup in Japan!!! 2018 Golden Week in October was spent in Macau. As Eleanor liked to tell everyone, we were taking her to a gambling den. And as we told everyone, we weren’t there to gamble. We flew into Macau from Wuxi. An … Continue reading An Island of Gambling