A working woman once more

Impressive? Dulwich International High School, Suzhou.  It is one of 7 Dulwich schools across Asia and it is where Martin and I now work.  The building is new and now houses over 400 students.  We also have a boarding facility, capacity for up to a 1000 students and most importantly we are now just across the road from Eleanor’s school, DUCKS.  The clock tower in the distance is reminiscent of Dulwich College London, and is part of the International School, Dulwich College. So how I am getting on? I am really enjoying it, but I am shattered.   Since starting … Continue reading A working woman once more

Our Antipodean Adventure

And so here we have a blog not directly related to our life in China and therefore I was unsure about whether to post it. But given that we would not have had this opportunity to go to Australia had we remained in the UK and given that this is an online diary and someday Eleanor will read this I wanted to record it.  Some of you may switch off entirely at this, but for those of you who want to read further, go and get a wee cup of tea. My Great Uncle Hugh in the 1930’s bought a … Continue reading Our Antipodean Adventure