Mother’s Day 2020, Beer Chronicles Part 3

In 2018 I did a Mothering Sunday blog, but this one is different. This is Mother’s Day in isolation.

Lots of mums today will be celebrating Mother’s Day with their children because their children are living with them, and really while we would like to have a complete day off from mothering duties -you just can’t. They live with you. But I hope that you are spoilt. I got my card and breakfast in bed! The card I paid for, but we managed to get it through the check out without me seeing it, I had sent Eleanor to the card aisle on our last trip to Tescos while I was stocking up for the return journey. I had also ensured Eleanor had written it in Northern Ireland before secreting it away. It was the last thing I packed before being taken away on Monday. Breakfast today was a cup of tea and a raisin bun on a plastic lid masquerading as a plate while talking to Martin on FaceTime.

My Dad will provide breakfast in bed for my Mum. I left my Mum a card on the kitchen table before leaving the house a couple of weeks ago. It was super apt, something about giving me a roof over my head. Probably meant for a teen to give, but when we had come to NI, mum (and dad) had taken us in. We ruined their social life – everyone social distanced themselves from them because we had come home from you know where. Only when we left the country to go England for a week did their social life return. Thanks Mum for parenting both Eleanor and I for many many weeks.

So there will be mums today who will see their children only through video, it is the norm for us anyway. It is difficult, there will be some people who are not as technologically minded to do that, but WhatsApp, FaceTime, WeChat, Zoom and a myriad of other social media providers will provide families a new way to communicate with each other visually – or you could just pick up the phone. There may be no trip to the local pub for a Sunday roast, giving mum the needed break away from the kitchen (not wishing to be stereotypical at all!), but check in with someone today, and everyday – whether they are your mum or not.

Me, well I have a staycation in a local hotel. Netflix on tap for both Eleanor and I, 3 meals a day and no washing up. Bliss.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.