6 years old 23 December 2014

Our five-year old is now six.

Thanks to my first cousin once removed (I think), I am now reading A.A Milne’s “Now We Are Six” book of poetry. I think we are all enjoying it, especially when I haven’t voluntarily read poetry for a long time!

The plan for Eleanor’s 6th birthday (once we knew we were going to China) was to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. We would have liked to go on Eleanor’s actual birthday,  but when one of Martin’s ex student’s friends offers Disney free for the day before, you grab it with both hands! As her additional treat we booked the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – the chance for your daughter aged 3-12 to get dressed up as Disney Princess of choice. Make-up, costume, photos and Eleanor was Elsa from Frozen. Frozen the film released last year based on Hans Christiaan Andersen’s Snow Queen. In true Eleanor style she would not let Martin nor I see her until after her photo shoot. I was able to get her dressed, but her nails, make-up and hair were done without us taking a record of it. After the photo shoot we then had to choose from 60+ photos and we had to choose one! Eleanor was so excited about her Royal Makeover and everything she got to keep. It was a lovely experience.

Hong Kong Disney is in miniature. The castle is small, but of course beautifully formed. They made me go on “It’s A Small World.” If you truly know me – you know I HATE THAT SONG. We saw the fireworks and got Mickey’s autograph. The weather was a little colder than the day before but beautiful blue sky.

Disney was fun. Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean saw us many times and the final time he called out that Elsa was here and that people should form a queue and people did! Eleanor had her photo taken with many randomers that day because she was western and in an Elsa dress. Eleanor by the end of day was even asking people if they wanted her photo!!!

We got to see the Lion King show which was breathtaking. An African singer as the narrator had a fabulous voice and there were lots of dancers with not an ounce of fat on them. It held Eleanor’s attention though she did comment that it was shorter than the film.

Martin also met with approximately 20 of his old students. Ranging from his time at Sherborne Girls to Leweston and Shaftesbury. A testament to him that so many of his students from 2000-2014 wanted to meet him and take him out to dinner.

Eleanor’s actual birthday was always going to be an anti-climax once we had been to Disney. But we went up Victoria Peak in the funicular railway. Eleanor’s hair was curled at a stall selling hair straighteners (!) and we had pizza in a restaurant overlooking the skyline of HK. We played hide and seek in a park and then went to dinner eating only cake!

Anyways, this will be the last blog before Christmas, so Merry Christmas from the three of us. 2014 has been unexpected in what has happened, so dear knows what 2015 holds.