Taking tea to China 3 August 2014

The first post of my blog was in May 2014, when everything was exciting and just a little surreal. We were months away from moving. This post now sees us 24 hours from our flight from London Heathrow to Shanghai via Frankfurt. 

Shipping left Coles Close, Wincanton on Tuesday 29th July. Have we packed too much? Definitely too many cuddly toys!

Do I really need those Le Creuset saucepans? Will Eleanor remember those teddies so loved?… See above comment. Will I remember those teddies (yes) The bikes were taken (and they survived 4 years – having been stolen from outside our apartment 2 weeks before our move in June 2018), winter clothes and more of Martin’s suits and ties. Hopefully the items packed will go some way to make the apartment a home and remember all friends and family back in the UK. Temptation was there to ship Martin but he is needed, not least because he is the one that is working. Thanks must go to him for having the logical brain that packed the shipping cube like a big game of Tetris. 

Cases are also packed and weighed, no doubt we will need to pay excess baggage, the tea is in, though would have inked more…  no doubt there will be a call for that to be posted depending on whether I have weaned myself of it. 

I have also been unemployed for a month. How do I feel? Not so bad. We had a lush holiday in FRance and Switzerland were we didn’t think too much about the move. Then once hone a week of frenzied packing. It only struck me on the last day of the month that I was not going back to work.Traditionnaly payday £3.96 is in my account. card declined for a small purchase. EEK. So most probably I will be looking for work, will it be law, doubtful… The pipe dream is the “English Tea rooms” run by a born iron lass – oh the irony. But the first couple of months I will give the life of a  housewife a go. Settling in Eleanor and Martin, exploring the area, planning weekend trips, spending Martin’s hard earned money and planning holidays of where in the world we want to go. Australia  2015, New Zeland 2017, Borneo 2016, Japan 2019 the list is endless. 

In between the packing we have had our 10th wedding anniversary. We had a combined leaving party/anniversary party. Bouncy castle, carve you own hog roast, football and cricket kept the masses amused. The weather was fine, drink flowed as did the tears on occasions but most of all some great memories. And I met Martin’s dad for the first time.

Having moved out of Coles Close and into Common Road with a very patient Claire, it has been a lovely two weeks. Claire has provided us with beds and sustenance after long days packing. Eleanor and Connie have entertained each other and the next time we are back on UK soil will be for a couple of days before we embark on a skiing adventure to Bulgaria with them. 

Whilst we may not have an apartment our beds to offer visitors just yet – by the end of the week we should have. Estate agent is collecting us at 9am on Wednesday to start apartment hunting. So watch this space as to where we live! I ONLY want a lake view and an oven (my new life in boarding I will have an oven – only taken me 4 years to get a proper one!)