A slow boat to China 15 May 2014

I have probably gone a bit mad, but the blog site I started on, no longer exists. And while I have two sets of faithful followers (Nancy and Gordon and my Mum and Dad) who have printed every blog I have done, I can no longer access my old blogs from my first year. So Mum and Dad have kindly lent me theirs (although I actually stole it from them – and Eleanor did my confession for me) and my aim is to put on WordPress the very start of my blogs. So if you have been reading my log since Blog.Com, please ignore these! If you are a new reader and indeed are new coming to China, you may want to read on. But in the 4 years of my life in China, Suzhou has changed, a lot. But hopefully not the experiences. I may now find spelling mistakes and grammar issues in the original blog – and I may not include any photos for now, but I don’t intend to change the content of what I did 4 years ago. The additions I will put in bold. 

“Having never blogged I thought that the imminent move of the Crozier household to China would be a good time to start. If nothing else it will keep the reader informed of the goings on and hopefully feel you are close by.

So we are off to Syzhou. Outside Shanghai, in China. What I know about China can be written on a postage stamp but with two guide books and an iPad and Google, lots of research can be done. Suzhou Facebook expat page has become invaluable and random questions are already being asked. What I have learnt is that the milk comes from New Zealand. I have never drunk NZ milk since being in China! Australian, German and British yes, NZ no. 

I have become the modern Steptoe and son. Taking pictures of everything we have to sell and showing people on my phone. We are renting our house unfurnished and our shipping allowance isn’t huge, so after 10 years of being married the new chapter is truly beginning with the shedding of our belongings. Belonging inns that we have worked hard to buy, but at the end of the day everything that we are selling is replaceable. We aren’t getting rid of the Waterford crystal, my grandparents canteen of silver or my Le Creuset saucepans (not used as much but they were packed ready for a life in boarding) but we what we will take with us will be shipped and we will be reunited with our most precious belongings 3 months after we have moved. Hahaha it was 5 months!!!

So if you do need plates, glasses, wardrobe, double bed, kettle or table and chairs, then shout. (if reading this for the first time – they were all sold!)